Blow Out

- A bang?
- Yeah, some sort of a bang.

- Where?
- I'm not sure where.

- You were facing the car?
- Yes.

Well, you heard the blowout.
Yes, but the first sound
I heard was a bang.

- Some kind of an echo.
- No.

Look, I know what an echo sounds like.
I'm a sound man.

And the bang was before the blowout.
- What were you doin' up there?
- I was recording sounds for a movie.

- You recorded the accident?
- Yes.

What happened after that?
The car went off the road
into the creek and I...

- What did you do then?
- I'm tryin' to tell you.

I ran down, jumped in the creek
and pulled out the girl.

- There was a girl?
- Yes, there was a girl.

- What girl?
- The girl I brought here. In the room.

She was inside the car?
- Yes.
- Are you sure?

I wasn't bobbing for apples.
Of course I'm sure.

It can get pretty dark
under eight feet of water.

Is this known as obtaining objective
eyewitness testimony? If it is, forget it.

We gotta get the stretcher through.
Step back.

Doctor! How is she?
Very lucky. Mild shock, some cuts
and bruises. No major injuries.

- Can I see her?
- She might be asleep. She's sedated.

- I'll just say goodbye.
- Don't stay too long.