Blow Out

and I obviously would have loved
to have saved his life too, but...

I mean, I was there and she was there.
We know what happened,
but the governor is dead now and...

we don't want to embarrass his family.
Do you have any idea what the press
would do if they got ahold of this?

You want me to say she wasn't there?
I already told the police.

That's already taken care of.
- All right. What about the girl?
- I'll talk to her. She'll cooperate.

Just one playmate just vanishes
from McRyan's car, just like that?

- That's right.
- Aw, Jesus, I don't know.

Can't you keep your mouth shut?
It's better the governor died alone.

I just don't know if I can do that.
I was there, she was there, and...

Who gives a damn that you were there?!
You wanna tell his wife that he died
with his hand up some girl's dress?

- Or let her read it in the papers?
- That is what happened.

- That is the truth, isn't it?
- What difference does that make to you?

But it would make a great deal
of difference to his family.

All right.
Good. We'll slip you
and the girl out the back.

How about your place?
You don't wanna go home, do you?
- They told you who was in the car, right?
- Yeah.

Well, some smart reporter could
figure I was there too, you know?

They got my purse
with my name and address.

They're gonna be camped
on my doorstep.

What about my doorstep? I'm the one who
pulled you out of that wreck, didn't I?

Yeah, right.
Let's go to a motel.