Blow Out

Well... I wanna get
a good seat, you know?

- Aw, come on, Sally. You promised me.
- OK, but just 10 minutes.

- OK. Come on. Let me take this.
- OK. Thanks.

- How are you feelin'?
- Pretty good.

- You look nice.
- Thanks.

What's the first thing you see
when you meet somebody?

Legs. I'm a leg man.
- Come on!
- All right. Face. You see their face.

So, if your face doesn't look right,
no one is gonna look at you again.

- I don't think your face needs make-up.
- Every face needs make-up.

- But it shouldn't look like make-up.
- Oh, I see.

I've worked on this face. I've hidden
everything so you don't see the make-up.

- You got make-up on right now?
- Yeah, I do.

- I don't believe it. I don't believe it!
- Absolutely.

And, you see, this took me two hours.
And this is the "no make-up look".

Really? I'd like to see what the "make-up
look" looks like. I bet that's good, huh?

Well, I... I only do that
for special occasions.

How about a broken nose?
How would you deal with that?

Oh, that's easy. You just take a little...
Wait a minute.
Let me see. I can show you.

Yeah. You get a brush like this, right?
You take a little brown powder.
- You just make a little brown...
- What are you doin'?

Hey, wait a minute.
This is serious business here.

- You interested or not?
- Oh, yes. OK. Sorry.

You make a brown line
and kinda smudge it in.

It has to be real subtle
so as no one'll notice it.

But... What are you smiling about?
I'm impressed that
you know so much about this.

- You're not interested at all.
- Yes, I am.

You're not. You just kept me
sittin' here talkin' so I'd miss my train.

That's not true, Sally.
I just didn't want you to go.