Blow Out

Hey, Sal! Hey, come on in! Come in.
You look great.
What are you doin' around here?

Jesus, Manny.
Don't they ever clean this place?

You gotta get up real early
to catch a maid. I haven't made it yet.


Hey, I'm sure glad
you come by, you know?

Listen, how'd you find me?
- We worked this place a million times.
- Oh, that's right. Hey, you want a drink?

- This isn't a social visit, Manny.
- Oh, no, huh? Oh.

You almost got me killed the other night.
Dead-you understand?

Oh, hey, babe. I didn't have nothin'
to do with that. That was an accident.

- What happened to you?
- What do you mean?

I took off as soon as I saw
that kid jump into the creek.

He did a helluva lot better job
than I coulda ever done.

You know, I don't know if I ever told you
this before but... I can't even swim, babe.