Blow Out

If there was a law against lyin', I'd have
made a lotta collars today - Mr Customer.

- I am a customer and I'd like my pictures.
- Yeah, he's a customer too.

- He offered me a thousand bucks.
- Really?

And his wife offered me three.
Doesn't seem worth it
but I guess you had to be there, huh?

Looks like Karp did
a little divorce work on the side.

Didn't give a shit about his customers.
I found these in a heap under his bed.

That's some baby picture.
You were supposed to get pictures
of McRyan, not kill him!

I understood
the objectives of the operation.

I didn't kill him. It was an accident.
You accidentally
shot out the tyre of his car?

As you may recall, this was my plan
as proposed at our meeting of June 6.

We rejected that plan.
Don't you remember?

I do admit I had to exceed
the parameters of my authority.

But I stayed within
an acceptable margin of error.

After all, the objective was achieved.
He was eliminated from the election.

Burke, I don't know you.
I've never seen you.

- Don't ever call me again!
- Just a minute. We got some loose ends.

I changed the tyre
so it looked like a blowout.

I erased the sound guy's tapes
so he'll seem like a crackpot.

Karp's disappeared, but I'll find him.
But that still leaves the girl.
I've decided to terminate her and make it
look like one of a series of sex killings.

- This would secure our operation.
- What operation?!


Come on, Betty. Try again.
Take 28.

- Cut!

- Cut!
- Speak into the mike. They can't hear.

Oh, Christ. Cut!
All right, uh... switch.
Betty, you pull the hair. Jean, you scream.
Take 29.