Body Heat

Judge, perhaps when
l've presented all the evidence--

Listen, if l were you. . .
. . .l would recommend to your client
to do as Mr. Lowenstein suggests.

Plead nolo contendere,
file chapter 1 1 . . .

. . .and agree to never do business
with Okeelanta County again.

You'd agree?
He could walk.
But don't test my patience.
lf he hesitates, l'll nail him.

l'll talk to him.
And Mr. Racine. . .
. . .next time you come to my courtroom,
either get a better defense. . .

. . .or a better class of client.
Thank you, Your Honor.
l underestimated you.
Don't know why it took me so long.

You use your incompetence
as a weapon.

My defense was evolving
and you guys got scared.

NED: Costanza doesn't like me.
What'd l do to him?

He thinks he belongs in circuit court.

He's here with top-notch corruption
and stuck with the county toilets.

Surprised you weren't in on the caper.
Could've been your quick score.

Or maybe Costanza was in on it.
That's why he was so mad.

What's the good word from the
halls of justice? Anything juicy?

Maybe Stella was in on it. When
will you get a real air conditioner?

You don't like it,
there are other places.

They don't have you.
l've got to go.

You can't buy me.
l don't come cheap.
Lowenstein, you're a fag.

-Why does he do that?
-He's good. That's the weird part.

-You hear about Dr. Block?
-No. Do l want to?

Agnes Marshall.
Must've been
Mrs. Block's idea of punishment.

That's right.
How did you know that?

You are better plugged in than l am.
l guess you know about
Mrs. Block's friend in Ocean Grove.