Chariots of Fire

# Prepared to fight or fall is
# The enemy of one the enemy of all is
# The enemy of one the enemy of all is
- Abrahams, HM.
- Can you manage a tenor?

- We're desperately short of tenors.
- Only under torture.

- Aubrey. Sing, do you?
- School choir, that's all.

You, Stallard?
They kicked me out of Ring-a-ring o'Roses.
Sorry about that. We can't all be gifted.
# If everybody's somebody
# Then no one's anybody
- Put my friend here down as well.
- Steady on.

Splendid! Rehearsals start on Monday.

- I was a boy alto.
- Perfect! You can be Queen of the Fairies.

Where were you
when your country needed you?

We have a duty, a solemn duty to those
millions of lives needlessly slaughtered!

# When the boys are far away
# They dream of home
Well, glad to have you, Stallard.
Good middle-distance men
don't grow on trees.

I can't vouch for those times.
Taken with the school alarm clock,
most of them.

Give or take a second,
they're good enough for me.

Have you come across a fellow
called Abrahams? HM Abrahams?

He's challenged for the college dash.
What's so special about that?
In all the 700 years, nobody's ever done it.
Right, what do you do?
Right, chaps, thank you! Thank you.
Let it be known that HM Abrahams
of Gonville and Caius

has formally made challenge
for the college dash.

You show 'em, Harold!
For those not familiar with the rules...
The challenger will atempt
to run around the court perimeter,

to and from a point beneath the clock,
within the time taken
by the clock to strike midday.