Chariots of Fire

In your country and your king.
Your loyalty to them.

Hear, hear.
In my day, it was king first, God after.

And the war to end wars
biterly proved your point.

God made countries. God makes kings
and the rules by which they govern.
And those rules say that the Sabbath is his.
And I for one intend to keep it that way.
Mr Liddell.
You're a child of your race... as I am.
We share a common heritage,
a common bond, a common... loyalty.

There are times when
we are asked to make sacrifices

in the name of that loyalty,
and without them our allegiance is worthless.
As I see it, for you,
this is such a time.
God knows, I love my country.
But I can't make that sacrifice.
Come in!
Your Royal Highness... Lord Lindsay.
Your Highness, Cadogan, gentlemen.
I do apologise for barging in like this.
The fact is
I am fully aware of Eric's dilemma.

I wondered if I could be so bold
as to suggest a possible solution.

Another day, another race.
What the devil's that supposed to mean?
It's quite simple as a mater of fact, sir.
The 400 metres. It's on Thursday.
I've already got my medal.
So why don't you let Eric
take my place in the quarter?

I think that's a splendid idea.
Can we allow him to change events
at such short notice?