Thanks be to God, you're alive.
I, the best knight in the world, bested!
This is a great day.
For my search is over, my king.
Make me your champion.
But your life and lands are far from here.
I give up my castle and my lands.
Here is my domain...
...within this metal skin.
And I pledge all that I still own:
Muscle, bone, blood,
and the heart that pumps it.

And a great heart it is.
Sir Lancelot, you will be my champion.
We killed every one of them!
Burnt their ships!

Lancelot, how'd you fare in the North?
We spared a few to tell what fate they met
at Arthur's hands.

- And you, Uryens?
- Victory!

Lot, and you?
We drove the invaders back into the sea.
Gawain, you?
The East is ours again.
The West is free and with us.
The wars are over!
One land, one king!
Stand back!
Be silent.
Be still.
That's it.
And look upon this moment.
Savor it.
Rejoice with great gladness.
Great gladness.
Remember it, always...