First Monday in October

Yes. That's right.
The whole court is in turmoil.

Couldn't have happened
at a more inconvenient time.

No, Dan doesn't know.
That's why I'm calling you. I've got
to get through to him right away.

- Just a moment.
- Excuse me, Mr. Chief Justice.

- This is the file you asked for.
- Oh, yeah.

Thank God I caught you, Christine.
Have you any idea where he went?

What makes you think I'd
know where he is? Dan?

No, he's not here. I just walked
through the door, C.J.

- Oh? Where have you been?
- Europe, as usual.

Stanley left some instructions that
involve Dan, and I've got to find him.

He surprised the hell out of me in
Brussels. He sent me a postcard.

The only part I can make out is
"Dear Christine".

At least I think that's "dear".
You know what his handwriting is like.

And then there's something
here about climbing a mountain.

Did he happen to
mention which mountain?

See that peak straight ahead?
That's where we'll be
tomorrow at this time.

Grab a couple of lungs full of this.
Pity the poor bastards in the cities

who don't get to taste
real air anymore.

Can we take a rest?
Another 30 minutes.
I know a great place for lunch.