First Monday in October

and I guess it's only natural that
we'd keep right on disagreeing.

I know seven other men
who could do this better,

but I'm not about to file
a dissenting opinion.

Stanley Moorehead was
a gentleman of honest mind.

You can't say that about many
men in this city, in this century.

Stanley and I were like
a pair of flying buttresses.

Leaning on opposite
sides of a Gothic cathedral,

we helped keep the
roof from caving in.

If we'd been on the
same side all the time,

we might have pushed
the building over.

Don't have to agree with a man
in order to respect him.

Stanley and I had one argument
over and over again.

I never won it. I never could win.
He used to ask me,
"What in God's name is the practical
use of mountain climbing?"

One time I said to him,
"Well, on a mountaintop, maybe
you're a little bit closer to God."

He laughed and said, "Dan, what
the hell do you know about God?"

I do know this.
Mr. Justice Stanley Moorehead is not
in a box about to be covered by earth.

He's at the top of a mountain,
higher than I have ever climbed.

Ready! Aim! Fire!
Ready! Aim! Fire!
Ready! Present arms.