First Monday in October

We should've hired
a limousine like the others.

Nonsense, the fresh
air will do you good.

- Alice looked awful.
- Know what burns me?

Today's Star brushed
off Stanley's life

with 2 inches and printed two
full pages of smart-ass speculation

- about his replacement.
- Been a terrible ordeal for her.

I bet it's a surprise,
somebody nobody thought of.

- She doesn't have many close friends.
- It's always a surprise.

Especially to the guy
who gets tapped.

Maybe I'll plan a dinner party
for her after a week or so.

President gave me the nod, I was
so surprised I couldn't talk.

I don't think I could stand one of
those teas, with all those wives.

Could be anybody. Lot of good
men around. Lot of lousy ones too.

If I were Alice, I'd go to Europe,
the warm part.

- How was Europe?
- Wet.

- How was your mountain?
- High.

You have any idea who's
gonna be appointed?

- To what?
- The court.

I never try to second-guess
a president.

Man moves into the White House,