First Monday in October

you have no idea what
happens to his mind.

I just hope he has an active
membership card in the human race.

- Waldo.
- Hey, Dan.

Feels like the first day
of school, doesn't it?

- Hope I never graduate.
- Don't know what we'd do without you.

Morning, Radabaugh.
Anything happen?

All that's happened is on
your desk, Mr. Justice Snow.

- Still got the same cold?
- Sinus.

Who's that?
Mason Woods, sir.
May I come in, sir?
Of course. What the hell do
you think you're here for?

Thank you, sir.
Don't knock. It's highly unlikely
you'll ever catch me

on the couch with
Miss Radabaugh.

Yes, sir.
Well, we got one complaint about you.
You're too goddamn polite.

And stop being scared of me, Mason.
You got the job.

Yes, sir. Would you care for some tea,
Mr. Justice, or a Scotch?

Maybe I'd better have both. No, I don't
wanna overdo it. Forget the tea.

Yes, sir.
Now, this supports your position
on Abbott v. Omnitech.

Forget Omnitech.
But it's at the top of the order list.
- It's gonna get struck.
- Why?

My brave brethren on the court
are too chicken-hearted to hear it.

That's why. When I'm getting
ripped off, Mason,

I want to know who's doing the ripping.
How much can these multinational

monsters get away with?
I don't know. Neither do you,

because they hide
behind all those TV commercials,

saying how goddamn holy they are.