First Monday in October

Even the C.J. Is scared
to hear Omnitech.

He says, "It's like telling God
you wanna examine the books."

Peace, up to a point.
Mason, the most dangerous
thing in the world is to be cautious.

People who fall down are the
ones who are afraid they'll trip.

- Take a chance.
- Yes, sir.

And don't always agree.
If you think I'm wrong and don't say so,

then what the hell good are you?
I like law clerks who argue with me.

Yes, sir. No, sir.
I mean, I'll try to do that, sir.
Not to do that, sir.

- What's this?
- Collins v. California, the kinky one

from the 9th Circuit, the Berkeley
student who wore a T-shirt that said

"Fuck the White House".
- Did he have his pants off?
- It doesn't say.

I don't see any clear and
present danger that he intended

to implement the opinion
of his T-shirt.

The 9th Circuit held it was
offensive to public sensibility.

Just being offensive
is not an offense.

One man's pornography
may be another man's poetry.

Yes, sir.
Yes, yes, yes. Lady Purity, speaking
from the cloisters of California.

"Free speech is not, ipso facto,
filthy speech.

"Dirt is a splendid
environment for earthworms,

"but it is a grave for
the human mind."

I wish to hell she didn't
write so goddamn well.

You see, Mason, that's what
this court is for,

to restrain the Ruth Loomises
of the world.

Sir, I found this opinion
on surveillance,

but you won't have to read it.
- Why not?
- You wrote it.

Well, read it to me. I might have
forgotten it or changed my mind.

"When God created the world,
"he did it alone, in private,
all by himself.

"No monitors,
no hidden microphones.

"He made it how he wanted, but what
if someone invaded God's privacy?

"Would he have put the world
together the same way? I doubt it.