First Monday in October

"He would've made it a popular
world, and the Garden of Eden

"would have turned out like
Las Vegas or 42nd Street."

- Would you like to take any calls, sir?
- Miss Radabaugh will get that.

No, she won't. Chambers of Mr.
Justice Snow. Oh, yes, Mrs. Snow.

It's your wife, but she
doesn't want to bother you.

You're interrupting me,
but you're not bothering me.

How should I seat them
this evening?

I don't care how you seat them.
Try chairs.

Hello? Hello?
- What happened to Radabaugh?
- She left early.

- Sinus?
- She looked terrible.

Radabaugh's been with me for 23
years, and she always looks terrible.

- How do you do that, sir?
- Do what?

Reach in there and find what you're
looking for in the middle of all that...

Mess? To you, it's a mess. To me,
it's a wilderness of free association.

Don't ever straighten up my desk.
I'd never be able to find anything.

I've always been
suspicious of neatness.

If there's nothing on top
of a man's desk,

he probably shoved all
the clutter into the drawers.

And if his drawers are empty, what
the hell does he need a desk for?

- May I come in, Dan?
- Sure, C.J.

- How are you, Mr. Chief Justice?
- I'm not sure.

Mind if I lie down on your couch?
Mason. See if those T-shirts
are available on the open market.

- I'd like to wear one under my robes.
- What T-shirts?

None of your goddamn business.
Do I ask you about your underwear?

Hey, how come your couch is so
much more comfortable than mine?

You know something, C.J.?
Maybe I'll give you that couch
as a going-away present.

Who's going away?
Think of how many people would
bust a gut with joy if I retired.

You wouldn't do that to me, Dan.
I won't quit when you're