First Monday in October

Thank you for the lovely roses.
You don't send me roses
anymore, C.J.

It's 9:58, gentlemen
and Madame Justice.

We shake hands like this every day,
just before we take the bench.

Like nine boxers coming into a ring.
We shake hands before
we knock each other out.

The honorable, the chief justice
and the associate justices

of the Supreme Court
of the United States.

Oyez, oyez, oyez.
All persons having business
before the honorable,

the Supreme Court
of the United States,

are admonished to draw near
and give their attention,

for the court is now sitting.
God save the United States
and this honorable court.

Today's orders of the court have
been certified by the chief justice,

filed with the clerk and
will not be announced orally.

Probably the peak of
every lawyer's career

is that moment when he
is presented and accredited

to plead before the
highest court in the land.

Only lawyers ever plead
in that hallowed chamber.

But today, all eyes are focused
on the court's newest newcomer,

who has just received confirmation
from the Senate of the United States.