First Monday in October

Court watchers will be fascinated
in the weeks and months ahead

by the figure in the leather chair
farthest to the left of the chief justice.

How will this feminine presence

what, for two centuries, has
been an all-male preserve?

Because so many states have
accepted pornography as a way of life

does not mean that we are willing
to compromise our values

in the sovereign state of Nebraska.
Ergo, I beseech
this distinguished body,

in its infinite and scholarly wisdom,
to uphold the exalted
standards of morality

which this lofty court
so fervently advocates.

And how rare it is to find
judicial minds

so attuned to the higher
reaches of the spirit,

so understanding of the basic
values we so dearly cherish,

so incredibly sensitive
to the deep strains of decency,

which constitute the lapping
tidewaters of our heritage?

The state of Nebraska contends
that Herbert G. Maloney

knowing and willfully
perpetrated an obscene and foul...
Your time is up.
- May I be permitted...?
- No.

Any questions, gentlemen?
Madame Justice?

I get the impression that the state
of Nebraska would like to see this film

confiscated, burned
and the ashes sent into space.

Is that the idea?
If the court so recommended.
Is it your contention
that the Constitution gives
this court any such power?

This court is the judge
of its own power.