First Monday in October

Until we actually examine
the film in question, I think...

May it please the court,
I respectfully submit that my client's
rights under the First Amendment...

The First Amendment
doesn't give anybody the right

to commit acts which are harmful
to the public good.

But this is an educational film.
A major documentary,
a work of art.

How can we judge that
until we've seen it?

Do any of the justices object,
besides Justice Snow?

I think it's essential
that we see the film.

Then the clerk will schedule a showing
of the film at some future date

which is not in conflict with the
schedule already on the calendar.

If you saw Lois walking along
in the sunshine of Beverly Hills,

you might think she was just
a healthy, ordinary girl,

but Lois has a problem.
Like the alcoholic
who cannot stop with one drink,

like the compulsive eater who must
consume one dessert after another,

Lois can never be satisfied,
can never get enough
of what she craves.

- Why isn't Mr. Justice Snow here?
- He never comes to these showings.