First Monday in October

The average young woman wants
one man, but Lois is insatiable.

- Have we missed much?
- The lady's just getting started.

You guys get over there.
And shut the door.
We asked a distinguished physician
to give his opinion of Lois' condition.

He has asked
that his name be withheld

because of his high standing
in the medical profession.

Dr. X, from the point of view
of a man of science,

what can be done for Lois?
This sort of affliction
is difficult to treat.

Let's look at the other sex
as Lois sees them.

Oh, let's not.
Can Lois ever be cured?
Or is she doomed to a life
of ever-increasing frustration?

I don't know about Lois,
but I'm cured.

Haven't we seen enough?
During the next hour,
we will try to show you...

No, I don't think so.
Projectionist, will you stop
the film, please?

Thank you.
- Does anyone object?
- No.

Are you stopping the film because
there's a woman in the room?

- That's not why I'm uncomfortable.
- You think I'm offended?

Of course I'm offended, but that's
no reason to stop the film, is it?

C.J., just a moment, please.
Madame Justice Loomis, as a man,
I am somewhat embarrassed

that you have to sit here
and watch this thing.

I certainly can understand
how Harold feels.

I wouldn't want to sit through it
with my wife

or arrange a special showing
for Mother's Day.

But your wife and mother
haven't been appointed to this court.

Time is the point,
gentlemen and Madame Justice,