First Monday in October

Ask Mr. Justice Snow
to come in, Mr. Robinson.

- You may go in, Mr. Justice.
- Thank you.

No, no. Please. Please don't get up.
Don't get up.

You'd stand, Mr. Justice,
if I came to call on you in chambers.

Oh, I wouldn't be too sure
about that.

I can't tell you how grateful I am to you
for seeing me like this

on no notice whatsoever.
- It's my honor.
- Is it?

Well, I suppose it is.
that's quite a desk,
and so neat.

Do aircraft land here frequently?
What is it that you wanted
to see me about?

Nothing earthshaking.
By George, I was a little startled to see
that you got a male law clerk out there.

Mr. Robinson. He's not my law clerk.
He's my secretary.

Well, well, well, well.
What a generous gesture.

Letting men into a field
previously dominated by the other sex.

I'm glad you're in favor of men's lib.
Say, let's relax.
Do you feel like relaxing?
Madame Just-ess, I hope you aren't
finding our national capital too dull,

after the grandeur of Disneyland.
You don't think much of California,
do you?

Oh, I try not to think of it at all.
Why don't you try climbing
some of our mountains.

Oh, I have, I have.
I admire your mountains.

It's your valleys
that make me nervous.

Now, Madame Just-ess, I would like
your opinion on a point of law

concerning that great American
art form, the motion picture.

Help yourself.