First Monday in October

Doesn't the First Amendment
apply to guys like me?

Isn't it an umbrella that's supposed
to keep all of us from getting wet?

Or is there a hole in it
over Nebraska?

But the people of Nebraska have
the freedom to protect themselves

against your abuse of their freedom.
That's what this case is all about.
Look, lady, I'm a businessman.
I don't see where
the government's got any business

telling me how to run my business!
I'm relieved.
For a while, I thought you might be
thinking of yourself as an artist.

I do recall the word "art"
plastered across your film.

Tell me, Mr. Maloney,
do you honestly believe
The Naked Nymphomaniac is art?

Sure. Why not? Who's to say it isn't?
What's art anyway?

Artists don't even know,
let alone lawyers.

Exactly what was your motivation in
filming The Naked Nymphomaniac?

Money. You can't have much pursuit
of happiness in this country

unless you pursue a little money.
Anything unconstitutional about that?

Does the Constitution give you
the right to do anything for money?

Does it give you the right
to shove me into bankruptcy?

The lawmakers of Nebraska
want to stop the pollution of the minds

and morals of the public
by films like yours.

My colleague on this bench,
Mr. Justice Snow...

Fine man. Know him very well.
He feels strongly about profit-pursuing
conglomerates which pollute the air.

Air's different. You gotta breathe.
You don't have to go to the movies.

State and local governments have
a right to set community standards.

People can say, "I don't want this
in my neighborhood."

Is it OK for people to say, "We don't
want Baptists in our neighborhoods"?

Your film, it's called
an exploitation film, is that correct?

Right. You're keeping me
from exploiting it.

Aren't you exploiting women?
The act of love?
Giving a distorted picture of sex
to young people?

- Who am I hurting?
- I'm not talking about bodily harm.

Has anyone died from seeing
The Naked Nymphomaniac?

What about injury to the spirit?