For Your Eyes Only

Where the hell did that come from?
- What's going on?
- Unidentified object closing fast.

Secure Operations Room!
Destruct ATAC system!
- Yes?
- First Sea Lord and Vice Admiral, sir.

Send them in.
Minister, we've Iost our electronic
surveillance ship, the St Georges.

We had a routine message
at 1600 hours yesterday.

Then nothing. We sighted
floating debris this morning.

My God, Jack!
- How deep is the water there?
- Not deep enough, I'm afraid.

Yes, Comrade Secretary, off Albania.
The suspected British spy ship
which we have been monitoring.

So there is a chance of
obtaining the ATAC transmitter.

Of course, there will be
no direct involvement.

But if it comes on the market we should
not Iose such a remarkable opportunity.