For Your Eyes Only

Minister. Chief of Staff.
- Are you aware of our ATAC system?
- ATAC, sir?

Automatic Targeting
Attack Communicator.

Uses an ultra-low frequency to order
our submarines to Iaunch missiles.

Five days ago, our spy ship St Georges
was sunk in the Ionian Sea.

She was equipped with ATAC.
In the wrong hands, that transmitter
would render our Polaris fleet useless.

Orders could be countermanded.
Worse - our own submarines could be
ordered to attack our own cities.

Have we begun a salvage operation?
Out of the question. The St Georges
was off the Albanian coast.

We asked Sir Timothy Havelock
to Iocate the wreck.

Before he could report, he and his wife
were killed by a Cuban, Hector Gonzales.

The Greek police were able
to identify Gonzales from a description

given by Melina, the Havelocks' daughter.
Operation Undertow -
the information's all here.

Gonzales is at a villa near Madrid.
Isolate him and find out who hired him.