For Your Eyes Only

But I'm half-Greek.
And Greek women, Iike Elektra,
always avenge their Ioved ones.
I must go.
You were to question Gonzales,
not Iet Miss Havelock perforate him!

Yes, sir.
We'll have to tell the PM
Operation Undertow is a failure.

She'll have our guts for garters!
If you Iook again
at page 2 paragraph 4 of my report,

you'll note that I saw someone
paying off Gonzales.

If that was for Havelock's murder,
there is still a glimmer of hope.

- I don't follow.
- If we could identify that someone...

Why don't you try the Identigraph?
- Yes, sir.
- Get cracking, 007!

Hello, Q.
- Smithers, how's the arm?
- Coming along nicely, sir.

That'll come in handy.
- What are you doing here, 007?
- Identigraph, Q.

This way.
- Stinging in the rain?
- That's not funny, 007!

You put the Lotus back together?
I disregard these gibes
about our equipment, 007!

- You don't find it funny in the field.
- Indeed, I don't.

This 3-D visual Identigraph
is still in the experimental stage.

Once we get a composite of the man,
we can match it through the files

of the Surete, Interpol, ClA, the Mossad...
And the West German Police.
You've told me so, Q. Five times.