For Your Eyes Only

I presume London's briefed you?
If Locque's in Cortina, we'll find him.
I have a reliable Greek contact here.
An Anglophile.

He helped us out
on a smuggling operation.

Then what's he doing in Cortina?
spends a few months a year here
at his chalet.

He's in shipping, insurance,
oil exploration.

Knows everything going on. Very reliable.
The British gave him a medal
for resistance fighting in the war.

- Yes, but can I meet him?
- I've set it up.

He is waiting for us
at the Olympic ice rink.

Extend your arms!
Signor Kristatos?
- Kristatos, Aris Kristatos.
- Bond, James Bond.

- Would you join me in some gluhwein?
- A very good idea. Thank you.

Well, gentlemen, how can I help you?
We'd Iike some information.
My protegee.
A sure winner in the next Olympics.

She's completely absorbed in her skating,
but innocent in the ways of the world.

The day she wins the gold medal
will be the greatest in my life.

Here are some new admirers for you.
Mr Bond, Mr Ferrara - Bibi Dahl.

And her coach, Jacoba Brink,
a world-class skater herself.

I've seen Miss Brink skate.
The world will soon see a lot of
your skating too, Miss Dahl.