For Your Eyes Only

That's a laugh. Everybody knows
it builds up muscle tone.

Start building up a Iittle more muscle tone
by putting on your clothes.

Don't you like me?
I think you're wonderful, Bibi,
but I don't think Uncle Ari would approve.

Him? He thinks I'm still a virgin.
Yes, well, you get your clothes on
and I'll buy you an ice cream!

Shall we?
Don't you ever come up for air?
That's why I'll get the gold medal.
Breath control.

Well, you can't Iose!
The leading skiers are at the firing range.
There is WolfGhul from Austria,
Kerel Behrta from Switzerland,

Wolfgang Blatt from Holland...
And now Eric Kriegler,
last year's East European champion.

He's coming up fast on
the West German champion, Hans Wolf.

- There's Eric Kriegler.
- The East German champion?

- Isn't he beautiful?
- Bibi, you're fickle.

Come on! Let's go watch him shoot.