Four Friends

She was the greatest dancer who ever lived.
- And she was killed in just such a car.
- Actually, it was a Bugatti.

You and your facts.
I can't understand how you can write poems
to me and still cling to facts.

Recite it for them, Danilo.
Come on, Danny.
"I love you
like the Pilgrim loves the Holy Land

"Like the wayfarer loves his wayward ways
"Like the immigrant that I am loves America
"And the blind man
the memory of his sighted days"

Our Danilo will maybe
be a famous poet someday.

And I will definitely be a famous dancer.
And we're all gonna do wonderful things.
And if anyone disagrees, they can leave.
School's ending, kiddos...
and it's out into this world with us all.
We are poised and ready to fly.
Isadora Duncan!
So, no more school after this year.
- There is college.
- Not for you.

We are people who work.
- In America, you...
- I am in America. I work.

Your mother cleans floors. She works.
What country are you in? Tell me.