Four Friends

She thinks we should get married.
If you do, I'd suggest you elope
and not tell anyone.

When nations start worrying
about their philosophies...

it's a sure sign they're on the decline.
The Huns, the Goths,
the Ostrogoths, the Vandals...

didn't worry about philosophies.
Cowards tinker with philosophies.
Would you fight, Mr. Prozor?
I see that you're sitting out this war,
but would you ever fight?

Fight for what?
For anything or anyone.
Or would you have a philosophy instead
to justify why you didn't?

Now, this may sound inhospitable of me...
but what I'm basically trying to find out
is if somebody attacked you...

If I attacked you, would you fight back?
It seems to me
as if you're attacking me right now.

Yeah, and it seems to me
you're not fighting back.

It's cruel world, dear.
Nobody wants to fight you.

I want to marry Adrienne.
It appears I spoke too soon.
So you want to take my daughter from me.
I believe the tradition is you give her away.
Mr. Prozor, you are looking at a man who
gives nothing away that he wants to keep.

This proposal falls under that heading.