Halloween II

Harold, you want mayonnaise on your sandwich?
How about mustard?
Up next some more spine melting madness
"Night of the Living Dead"
- Are you asleep again?

This is a WWAR special bulletin ...
Police in Haddonfield have just made the grisly discovery
of three bodies in the upstairs bedrooms of this house.

It appears that the murders took
place some time early this evening.

Authorities have confirmed
that all three of the victims are teenagers.

Two girls and a boy.
Police are searching the entire area for a middle patient,
who escaped last night from the Smith's Grow
Warren county sanitorium.

He is now believed to be at large in Haddonfield.
This is Robert Mundy ... live.
They're coming to get you Barbara.
You're ignorant.
- They're coming for you, Barbara.

Stop it. You're acting like a child.
They're coming for you.
Look ...
There comes one of them now.
She'll hear you.
Here he comes now.

I'm gettitng out of here.