Halloween II

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- Well, we should see the doctor right away.

He's with a patient. Would you please wait in room "A"?
Come on honey. Thank you.
Where's Doc. Mixter?
He's been at the country club. I think he's drunk.
Oh, great.
What've we got?
Stub wound, left anterior chest, possibly penetrating.
Multiple ... - It's Laurie Strode. Come on, let's go.
... fractured right ankle.

Janet, get me some more coffee.
Get that out of here.
Oh, Laurie.
Hi there.
Well let's see what we have here.
Ah yes ...
you lost a lot of blood.
We'll need to a type it.
When was the last time you had a tetatus shot?
I don't know.
Get me some ...
3.0 nylon on ...
- Cutting needle?

- Yes.
- Right away.

We're going to have to put her out.
- No!

No, don't put me to sleep.
- Ok, relax.

Nylon's not gonna hurt you.
Please don't put me to sleep.
Take it easy.
Try to relax, Laurie.
Doctor Mixter have you stitched up in no time.
Take it easy, Laurie.
Circle the block again.
How long now?
It's about 30 minutes. Put light down there.
There, by those trees.
There is nothing.
Well, keep going.
You know Doctor, I'm just about there.
The point where I stop taking orders from you.