Halloween II

I'll get you that coke later.
Moments ago police reported that Michael Myers,
formerly of Haddonfield,

who fled the Smith's Grove Warren county Sanitarium
last night was believed to have burned to death.

Meanwhile, three bodies were discovered
in the upstairs bedroom of the house directly behind me.

Identification of the victims is being witheld.
Pending notification of their families ...

Forget that. forget that.
I wanna concentrate on that house.

Talk to some kids. See if anybody saw anything.
You need the parent's permission to use a statement.
If you can't find the parents, get a statement anyway.

Not now ...
Give us a minute, fellas.
I .. uh
have to ... go and tell my wife,
before somebody else does.

Go on home, Leigh.
Go on home, I'll take care of everything.
Damn you! - I'm sorrry. -What have you done?
- I haven't done anything. - YOU LET HIM OUT!

I didn't let him out.
I gave orders for him to be restrained.

Now is there anything else, that we can do for you?
If that wasn't Michael Myers burning up in that car ...
then lot of other kids are gonna be slaugtered tonight.
- He's dead.

I saw him.
- You saw man at the mask.

It was him. - I wanna believe you,
but I gotta be sure.
I can't stop, untill I'm certain it's dead.

You talk about him like he's some kind of animal.
- He was my ... - Would you keep it back?!
He was my patient for fifteen years ...