Halloween II

He became an obsession with me, until I realized,
that there was nothing within.
Neither consciance nor reason that was ...

even remotely human.
An hour ago I stood up and fired six shots into him
and he just got up and walked away.

I am talking about the real possibility,
that he is STILL OUT THERE!

Where'd they take the body?
The Coroner's office.
Get a dentist to meet me there in half an hour.
Despite the fact that the man, who rescued Laurie Strode,
claims to have shot him six times at close range.

Haddonfield police have no explanation
for the suspect's disappearance ...

But say they're confident, he will be captured soon.
- I cannot believe it.
Paramedics are now removing the last of the bodies.

Pin the tail on the donkey and bobbing for apples.
Actually bobbing for water. No less.

Well you gotta use water to see if you don't ...
- I am never going to another halloween party
as long as I live. Especially not at Stevie Mather's house.

And of course now I'm gonna be late.
Oh, you gotta drive me home first.
Oh Darcy, I don't have time.
- You've got to.

Oh, can't you ask Eddie Lee?
He's in Russelville.
It's five minutes to your house another five minutes
back to the hospital. Mrs. Alves's gonna kill me.

You promised me.
I know I did.
One survivor ...
17- year old Laurie Strode was found directly across
the street from the home, where the murders took place.

The teenager was taken across town to
Haddonfield Memorial Clinic. Paramedics on the scene ...