La Soupe aux choux

and for the "pern...",well...I'll...OK...good....
OK, listen... see you one of these mornings and have fun!
...have fun!
Can't you think about anything else?
It's eating you, eh?
Sure it's eating me!
I look like an asshole all over Jaligny!
You always looked like one!
Could be, but now they have reasons...
Shall I tell them that I saw the saucer too...
so that we'll both look like morons!
Oh, you're a good guy, but it's a waste of time...
Come on, have a "canon"!
All right, then I'll hang myself!
You're not going to hang yourself!
My Lulu, better death than dishonor...
You have no right to terminate yourself, Francis!
It's the first time you use my first name...
You have family, neighbors, friends...
I am all of those all by myself!
Ah, you think only of yourself!
I'm going through hell and you don't give a damn!
What you want is for me to be your buffoon, your slave,
so you can make fun of my hump, because I saw a saucer...
Come on, let's have a "canon"!
I'm not thirsty!
I want to be left alone!