La Soupe aux choux

Have you finished spying on me, ass-skinned face!
Soon you'll be following me to the toilet, if it goes on!
I don't give a damn about you, I came to see your vegetables!
Well, they're downstairs!
You see, on mine there are slugs...slugs this big!
Eat them, that's what you can do!
Oh, Le Glaude! Help me, I'm dead!
Help me, El Glaude! Oh, nom de Dieu!
I'm coming!
Let me die!
What's happening to you, Le Bombé?
I...I destroyed myself... but the rope snapped!
I broke my crystal!
I'm going to die, Le Glaude!
Ow, my ass hurts!
Oh my God, my ass hurts!
What's the matter?
I can't breathe!
You know...I could've killed myself!
Call the fire brigade!
Why? Are you thirsty?
Oh my God...I feel bad!
You know what? My hump has burst!
My hump has burst, I can't feel it anymore!
No, calm down... it's still there, you won't be disfigured!
It's there?
You see, you're not in a thousand pieces!