Marchese del Grillo, Il

- Make the sign of the Cross.
- No.

Bastiano, tell us your story.
- I had two sisters.
- A beautiful one and an ugly one.

- Are you going to tell it?
- No, you will.

I had two sisters,
one was beautiful.

The other one was ugly indeed,
however she was engaged
and about to get married.

A Baron got the beautiful one pregnant.
She dishonoured us, and the ugly one's
fiancé didn't want to marry her anymore.

What was I supposed to do?
I was a priest, but I was also
the only male of the family!

I spent that night in hell,
you have no idea...

- Then I did it.
- He killed the Baron's cousin.

- His cousin? - Yes, a relative of his.
- I had to do it.

Of course! The guilty Baron
had gone to Naples,

and his cousin
had his same blood!

I did it with good intentions.
Hey! Cross yourselves!
Blanchard, make the sign of the cross!
- Tell the Pope that he has to absolve me!
- You know he can't.

- Why? - He said that a priest
shouldn't kill, but forgive.

A priest should forgive
and the Pope shouldn't?

Then I'll forgive myself.
I'm absolving myself.
Is it clear?
I will always be a priest!

I say Mass, communicate, baptize,
consecrate, confess and marry people!

- Do you want to get married Marquis?
- Not now, Bastiano.

But if I decide to, I'll let you know.
We have to go now.

Go, but be careful. There are
dangerous gangs around here.