My Bloody Valentine

Hey! Where's Howard and
the rest of the apprentices?

Left at the bottom to find their own
way up. You gotta learn sometime.

You wanna be a troubleshooter,
you gotta know the mine.

All clear down there?
Yeah, we won't
need these anymore...

but I wouldn't go
lightin' any matches.

Damn methane. Gonna blow this place
to shit one of these days.

We ain't that lucky.
Hey, come on, now!
Knock it off!

- Howard!
- Hey, Howard!

Hey, enjoy your walk up?
Yeah, real cool.
Why didn't you guys wait?

Look, Landers, you better
get a lot of exercise...

if you're gonna grapple
with Gretchen.

Oh, yeah? I got a valentine for her
that she's never gonna forget.

Right to the heart, huh?
It's gonna be a hot time
on Saturday night!

Stavisky, you do anything else
with that...

except throw it
over your shoulder and burp it?

Aw, get lost, Axel!
Bunch of clowns. Things haven't
changed a bit. Same as always.

Bet you wish
you never came back.

Especially now since Sarah's
goin' out with Axel.

No skin off my nose.
I don't give a damn.

Come on. Last one into town
gets the brew! Let's go!

Okay. Let's go, guys!