My Bloody Valentine

Mayor, somebody left this for ya.
- For me? Who was it?
- I don't know.

It was inside when we got here.
Maybe you got a secret admirer, huh?

- You in on this, Mabel?
- I'm afraid not, Mayor.

Oh, no. No, no.
Don't look at me. I didn't
have a thing to do with it.

Well, hell.
I've been looking for an excuse...

to get off this miserable diet
Mrs. Hanniger has me on.

Thanks, Howard.
If there's one thing I like
better than Christmas candy...

it's Valentine's candy.
- Have some.
- Hey.

Who sent it?
"From the heart
comes a warning...

filled with bloody good cheer.
Remember what happened...
as the 14th draws near."
It can't be happening again.
It can't be happening again.
It can't be happening again.
It's a bad time,
this time of year.

There's bad things coming,
my words you hear.

Beware of the 14th
if you value your life.

Here we go again. How many times
is he gonna tell that story?

Oh, let him tell it.
I love fairy tales.

This ain't no fairy tale,
little girl!

If you don't take it seriously,
you're a fool!

Hurt yourself?
Axel, are you okay?
Oh, no! Let me see.