My Bloody Valentine

I know what I'm talking about.
I'm telling you now.

This town is accursed.
It all started 20 years ago.
It was the night
of the Valentine's Day dance...

at the Union Hall.
The biggest event of the year.
It'd been a tradition
for over a hundred years.

Everybody was there,
except for...

seven miners who were out
at the Hanniger Mine.

Five of them
still down below.

Two supervisors were waiting
for the men to come up.

Anxious to get to the party...
they left before the men
were safely out...

failing to check the methane gas
levels in the tunnels down below.

The five men were buried alive...
as the town
continued its party.

For six weeks we dug 'round
the clock to try to save them.

After we broke through,
one man was found alive.

I was the one
who found him.

Harry Warden spent the next year
in the state mental hospital.

Exactly one year later,
on Valentine's Day...

he came back to town.
He killed the two supervisors...
who had left their posts
the year before.

Then he cut out their hearts...
and stuffed them
into heart-shaped candy boxes.

That night at the dance,
we found the boxes...

blood dripping out the sides.
Inside was a note--
a warning from Harry...

never to hold a Valentine's dance
ever again.