My Bloody Valentine

Sarah's goin' with me now...
and that's all there is to it.
I ain't gonna back off
for you, T.J.

Nobody asked you
to go away, T.J.

Come on, Axel. Don't give me
any of that horseshit.

You're beginning to sound
like my old man.

Too bad, man.
Look, you left.

You went away, and we didn't
know where you were...

or when you were comin' back.
I ain't gonna back off for you.
You stay the hell away from Sarah!

All right, all right!
You want a fight, then you got it!

'Cause you and I
both know who Sarah wants.

You're kinda hard on him, Teej.
Can't exactly blame him.

Sure it's not his fault.
It's nobody's fault.

I don't know what to do.
You know, I really do like
that son of a bitch.

Hey, remember?
Remember how we used to
tear this place apart?

Eh? Get drunk,
race out to the bluffs.

That was great.
I guess things change, huh?
Nothin' stays the same.
Harry Warden. He was
committed under court order...

approximately 20 years ago.
Well, I'm afraid I have no records
of a Harry Warden, past or present.

How can that be?
He was committed there,
under court order!

I'm sorry. I have
no records on him.

In 20 years, any number of things
could have happened.

Now, if this Harry Warden
was committed, as you say...