My Bloody Valentine

Okay. Little John, I want you
and Mike to check the wall.

T.J., take care of the sump.
You get a pump down there,
or I ain't doin' it.

You do it, or you get your ass
outta here for good.

I'll do it.
I'll do it.
What's buggin' him today?
Son of a bitch is after my ass
'cause of Sarah.

- Keeps it up, I'm gonna nail him.
- I said move it, Hanniger!

Oh, yeah.
Come on, man.

Anytime, loser.
Hey, that's it!
Break it up, you two!

T.J., you get your ass
up top to 217!

Let go!
There ain't gonna be no fighting
in my section, Palmer! Understand?

What an awful smell.
This is like it was
20 years ago.

I can remember those murders
just like it was yesterday.

Jake, you gotta
get help from Granville.

No, not yet.
Call in Granville, we'll have police
crawling all over this place...

and we'll have a hell of a panic
on our hands.

You just mention
that Harry's back...

and this town won't be worth
the powder to blow it to hell.

Just a minute, boys.