My Bloody Valentine

Of course
I remember this spot.

Why didn't you write me, T.J.?
Why didn't you call?

I wanted to, believe me,
but I couldn't.

I mean, I really
fell on my ass out there.

I made so many mistakes.
But I learned something.
Look. Give me a chance.
If you still want me
to go away, I will...

but I have to tell you that
I love you and I want you back.

How was I supposed
to know that,Jessie?

I honestly didn't think
you were ever coming back.

You just left me here.
Sarah, please.
I'm sorry.
I'm so damn sorry.

That's what I am
And, girl
I don't expect you to understand

I just play my song
And right or wrong
Now music's all I need
to get along

Women and wine
don't thrill me like they used to

- And I don't feel--
- You seen Sarah?