My Bloody Valentine

Yoo! Does anybody
want a beer?

Hollis, check this out.
You asshole!
Hey, who busted the lock?
I got the keys right here.

- Howard did.
- Uh-oh!

- Howard.
- Harry Warden did it.

And whoever parked
the red Volkswagen out front...

I want it parked out back
with the others, like I said.

I don't want Newby
snoopin' around here.

Let me show you.
That's pretty crude!
Quiet. You're making
too much noise!

- Hey, whoa, Mr. Party.
- Whoa.

Johnny's got a catch there.
Hey,Johnny, where you going?

Sylvia's gonna get it!
Talk to you
in a minute, okay?

So, you're looking pretty good,
baby face. What's the occasion?

I figure it will get
Newby off my back.

Besides, I wanna get out
of this town pretty quick.

You know, I think
he really likes you.

I've got the munchies.