My Bloody Valentine

Little bitty free ride.
There we go.

- Stops all by itself.
- Great, Hollis.

Let's go. Yeah, I hope you kids
enjoyed yourself...

'cause we're goin' right back up.
- That was great. Let's do it again.
- Howard usually walks.

Let's do it again.
Come on.

Where does that go?
That leads to an abandoned part.
We don't go down there anymore.

- Take us on a tour, Hollis.
- Yeah!

- Yeah, let's show 'em around.
- All right, all right.

Just because we're here.
Come on.

Keep those blankets wrapped
around you. You're gonna get filthy.

Okay, Daddy.
It's cold down here.
All right, boys and girls.
This is called a tipple.

So that's a tipple.
This is also
called a tipple.

Hey, Howard, come on!
- Comin'.
- Howard, come on!

I'm comin'! I just heard something.
Probably some rats.

Rats? You never
told me there are rats!

This is the old engine room.
Boy, what a nice view back here.
We'll meet you in ten minutes
over at the main shaft!

All right. No longer.
We're going straight up.

How do you like my pad, huh?
I can't believe you work here.