- Your girlfriend?
- No, that's my daughter, Elaine.

That's a hot one.
By the way, my name is Earl Keese.
I was real friendly
with a boy named Earl once.

Well, twice really.
So you're all moved in next door, huh?
It's a very good house. I imagine
you'll want to freshen it up.

Give it a new coat of paint,
mow the lawn.

Is your wife here?
She's in the kitchen.
- She's dying to meet you. I'll get her.
- No, no, I don't want to meet her.

I hope we're gonna be friends.
We were very friendly
with the Warrens next door.

But we weren't that close.
I mean, we were next-door close.
I didn't mean that kind of close.
I mean "close" close.

Is your wife making dinner?
She's fixing a great capon.
It was in the Times today.
Would you like to stay for dinner?
Are there more of you?
Is there a Mr. Ramona?
You go ask your wife if it's okay.
No, it's no problem, really.
Don't argue with me, Earl.
You wouldn't want me
to have to pull down your pants...

...and spank your little buns...
...would you?
Don't you go away. I'll be right back.