So, what do you say, neighbour?
Welcome to the end of the road,
I guess.

- It's a great house.
- Thank you.

I mean mine. More rooms than we
need, really, but I couldn't resist.

It was a steal.
What's on the menu, pal?
I'm starved.

We haven't eaten all day. We could eat
a baby's butt through a park bench.

I'm afraid I spoke too soon earlier.
We haven't got enough.
Enid didn't get to her shopping today.

Well, no sweat.
I'll just go and get some takeout.

There's nothing around here
except the standard burgers...

...greasy dogs and a gummy pizza.
- I can do better than that.

You just leave everything
to Captain Vic.

Look, friend, if I do the running,
I know you'll wanna spring for the tab.

Thirty bucks?
For four grown people?

Where have you been? It takes
30 bucks just to look at a menu.

- This is a $2 bill.
- Let me see that.

Gee, I thought it was a 20.
- Really.
- Well, people palm them off that way.

You never know who's gonna
stick it to you, do you, Earl?

Look, if 32 bucks isn't enough,
we can always do it some other night.

Why don't we do it now.
Let's have your car keys, okay?

- My car keys?
- Yeah, my brakes are shot.

Why don't I get the food? I'm the one
who's supposed to be neighbourly.

You stay here and my wife
will keep you company.

Forget it. If you insist on paying for
dinner, the least I can do is go get it.

What I don't understand
is where you're going.

There's no place decent around here.
If you must know, it's a new place,
opened up on the other side of town.

Near the train station.
Across from the warehouse.

I commute, I go by there twice a day,
five days a week...

...and I've never seen
a restaurant around there.

You calling me a liar?
No, I...