Give me the light, I'll lead the way.
You're pretty lucky,
having a swamp next to your house.

It didn't always smell this way.
When we moved in, it was a freshwater
lake with fish and everything.

Then the Interstate Chemical
began dumping upstream...

...and weird things started to grow.
I haven't been here since the search
party a couple years ago.

Search party?
Some guy disappeared down here.
A lineman from the power company.
Said it was quicksand.

Quicksand, this part of the country?
No way.

That's what I said.
Vic, help me. Please help me!
Do you feel my truck in there?
Vic, come on, help me.
I'll buy you a new truck.

Not like that one. How about my
triplane? How you gonna replace that?

Help, please.
I'm being sucked down.

- Maybe it's best that way.
- What are you talking about?

You're not the ideal neighbour.
You sank my truck...

:34:07 insulted my sauce
and you violated Ramona.

- You said it was just a joke.
- But she was in your bathtub.

No, she wasn't.
She was in the bed.

And that is where
you saw her mammae.

- Her mammal?
- Her honkers, Earl.

She dropped the towel.
Did she drop it,
or did you psychically will it to fall?

- "Will it to fall"?
- Did you will her towel to fall?

Never. No.
Admit it, Earl.
They'll go easier on you if you do.

Will it to fall?
Well... No, I don't think so.

Come on, Earl.
- Well, maybe a little.
- Come on.

Yes! Yes!
- Okay, I admit it.
- Admit what?

Yes. I willed the towel to fall!
Grab on. Earl Keese, come on up.