Nice Dreams

I said, they're getting low.
There's a rip in the tarp.
Where is the ladder?
- Hold it steady.
- All right. I got it.

Give me some rope.
Give me a piece of rope.
Rope? What kind?
Never mind what kind.
Don't be so stupid! Give me some rope!

Here, I got the rope, man. Are you okay?
Hey, man, are you okay?
Never mind about me, man. Fix the tarp.
Hand me the flap.
- I need some rope.
- Put the rope on it, man.

Where's the rope?
It's down there on the floor.
I don't know. Hurry up.

Okay, Cowboy, let's set these birds down.
Roger, Papa Bear.
Come on. Here it comes. Hurry!
Do something.
Look, there he is. There he is!
You're leaning on my stick.
Get over. Back over there.
Cowboy, where the hell are you going?