No way they're going to bring
those automated vacuum loaders here.

When they installed them on 1 4 and 23,
they said it was a temporary experiment.

Well, they're still there.
Some temporary!

Hand me that coupler, would you?
What about Wooton?
He's a shop steward. What'd he say?

I'll tell you what Wooton said.
Zip. That's what he said.
They're always trying to pull something.
That's a lot of crap!
They've run a 7 worker shift since they
installed those loaders on 1 4 and 23.

Hey, you read the contract.
8 workers per shift.

That's what it says. Eight.
In black and white.

So they want to get cute,
I can get cute, too.

I want a meeting.
Maybe we need a new shop steward.

Bylaws are bylaws.
Can't they regulate these suits?

It's minus 1 75 degrees.
We broil our asses off.
-Where's your other suit?
-In the shop.

Put some Mylar over the sensor.
It steps down the heating coil
and you'll be cooler.

No, moron, I made it up.
Oh, God!
I hate spiders!
Kill it!
Kill it!
Hey, Tarlow, what's eating you?
Get it off! Get it off my leg!
Somebody please help me!
Tarlow, what's the matter with you?
Get what off?

Spider! Please help me! Get it off!
Spider? Have you popped your cork?
How can there be a spider here?
There's nothing alive here.

Get it off! Oh, get it off! Oh, God!