Very funny.
We're not falling for nothing.
Cut the garbage and get back to work.

Oh, God, it's getting inside!
Get it out! Get it out!
Somebody please help me!
Somebody help me get it out of my suit!
Is it the buttermilk kind?
I'm afraid so.
They were running out of the other kind.
I can hardly talk with these braces.
It won't be much longer.
-How much longer?
-Pretty soon.

How soon?
-How soon for what?
-Till I get my braces off.

-You want crooked teeth?
-I don't mind them.

You'll be missing some teeth
in a minute if you don't eat breakfast.

Pretend it's not buttermilk.
Pretend I ate them.
Marshal, it's Lowell.
The night watch went okay.

Nothing much.
Just a couple of drunks.

We'll watch it tonight.
That's it.
I'll be in your office at 18:00.

Marshal, it's Montone.
Nothing more on that incident...

...in the mine yesterday.
Some guy went whacko.

The Company's shipping the body back,
or what's left, on today's shuttle.

It's impossible to do an autopsy.
You should have seen that mess!

Anyway, definitely no homicide.
There were two witnesses
when it happened.

It happens every once
in a while up here.

Some people let this place get to them.
So, that's about it.
Tell your wife that Transportation
got the tickets for her.

I'll see you
when you get to the office.