And finally,
I realize that I'm new here. . .

. . .and I've got to get to know you,
and you've got to get to know me.

I just hope that I can
justify your confidence.

Thank you.
-I really wowed them.
-Had them eating out of your hand.

Are there any questions?
Flo Spector. . .
. . .Accounting Services.
I'm sure I speak for all of us. . .
. . .in extending our welcome
to you and your family.

If Mrs. O'Niel or your son should need
anything, tell them to call me.

Thank you very much.
I'll be sure and tell my wife.
Her name is Carol.

I see there are no more questions.
I add my welcome to Marshal O'Niel.
I'm sure we all agree
he'll have a pleasant tour.

Right now,
he's just getting started here.

Soon he'll see that this
is like every other mining town.

-There's never much trouble.
-I'm glad to hear it.

Just remember that these men
and women work hard. Very hard.

Since I've been the general manager,
we've broken all productivity records.

We're becoming the leading
Con-Amalgamate operation.

And everyone in this room has
received the bonus checks to prove it.

Good work only comes
from contented people.